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Fashion is very important in Bollywood Movies & Music alike. It has been a part of our culture ever since the inception of Cinema

People inspire their daily fashion from the stars they look up to. Whether its some stunning dress in a Film Sequence, or an actress wearing a gorgeous skirt in a Song. We take inspiration from all components of a film. But this just doesn't stop here.

People look upto daily lifestyles of Actors to follow them. Many Paparazzi websites do this very job of snapping the daily attire of various stars and post them on social media.

As we can see here, how Katrina Kaif looks like when she goes to the airport. The above picture was taken by NDTV. And I am sure many women who went to airport after this day, would have shopped on various online sites like Jabong or myntra.com

Its very natural and basic behaviour of women. You can not really do much about it, except you can only accept it. Or maybe take some fashion lessons from them.

Men in Fashion

Women love it when men dress up fashionably for them. As it is often said, Men like a women without dress, while girls are attracted by well dressed men. An inappropriate thing to say, yet very true.

Some of the Most Fashionable Actors of Bollywood are

  • Sidharth Malhotra
  • Varun Dhawan
  • Salman Khan (Being Human)
  • Virat Kohli
  • Ajay Devgn
  • and many more...

But this list doesn't just end here. Its a long list and comprises of many models too. Although models are not as popular as actors, they still leave a very important mark in the men's fashion.

Fashion & Music - How they relate?

Actors and Actresses wear most sexy and beautiful dresses when they are shooting for a music video. For Example, lets take a look at Tamahhah Bhatia from a Movie still of hers.

Although this amazing dress can not be worn on daily occasions. But this is fantastic for parties and performances. I am not sure who the designer for  this dress is, but whoever it is - it is fantastic. And this Bollywood Song would have been exceptionally hit because of this dress.

You can find out some more songs, where the actresses or actors made the music video popular with their absolutely amazing dresses.

Here are some of our famous Videos or Songs

  1. Kamli from Dhoom 3
  2. Bidi Jalaiyle from Omkara
  3. Namak Ishq Ka from Omkara
  4. Priyanka Chopora (Bikini) in Dostana Song.
  5. Katrina Kaif in Kiss Me (in Race 2)

and I am sure, if you do not like these songs, you can find your own at the links shared above.


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